Slovenia : AC Molotov needs you!

Datum: 14. Jul 2002, 22:45

Squatted place named Autonomus zone Molotov (Avtonomna cona Molotov - ACM) in Ljubljana, which provides pace for living, cultural and political activities is in big trouble...

The first larger action against squatters took place on Sunday, 7. 7., when around 30 policemen came in the building. They came with dogs and criminalists. The action was illegal and violent. Police put severe pressure and repression against squatters and activists. Supporters form outside ? students, activist, even people from media came in 5 minutes and documented with cameras all the happening in Molotov. We asked police to show us some document, and we asked for the head of this police action. Our friends and media prevent physical violence from police. Police action lasted since 23.30 ? 1.20, and then policemen left without any explanation on their arrival and their action and left AC Molotov.

On Tueseday (9. 7.) a concert of Pekatral Attac (FRA) took place in AC Molotov. Police came three times and in the last intervention again with a grate number (more than 15 policeman), criminalists and policemen with dogs. It was another attempt of intimidiation of squatters? We call our friends and media again. In the end police found out, that there was no trespass of public peace and order.

On Thursday (11. 7.) in the morning private security service G7 broke in. They closed all entries into the building and secured the area around it. At 7.00 dredging machine excavator was brought in front of AC Molotov and they tried to demolish the building. Activist set in front of the machine and demanded an explanation. Soon the information came, that the owner (Slovenian Railway Company - SRC) has no documentation for eviction and destruction of the house, and dredging machine excavator was taken away late in the afternoon, when all this negotiation plan (to built communication between us and SRC) with media and other NGO?s end. Today the owner (SRC) still ignore the communication with squatters. The security doesn?t let anyone into the building, so squatters who are inside are insisting there and are not going outside. Security is preventing to give water and food to those in the building. Meanwhile the other squatters, activists and supporters occupied the area around the house and made a tent camp on the roof. The activist are insisting inside of the house, in front of it and on the roof and the security is still blocking access into the building and preventing supplies of water and food to those inside. Different activities and events of support and protest are going on every day. People are outside AC Molotov and on the roof all the time as a sign of solidarity. Local support campaign is every good and lot of pressure is put upon the state and the owners, which are dictating these inhumane acts?

Squatters in Molotov are not giving in! Red & black banners on the roof are proof that we are still in control of place although with partly occupation of the opposite forces. We appeal for your support! Come to Ljubljana to ACM where support is very much needed! Write protest letters! Organize action in front of Slovene Embassies! Give your support to political activists, alternative cultural activists, who are fighting for preserving the space for our activities! Let the power of people defeat the cruel force of authority and the system! Solidarity is our weapon!

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