There is a squat going on in Norway!

17. october a house in Trondheim, Norway, was invaded by a great number of young activists, artists and anarchists in order to create a house for free activity away from the city beurocracy and A4 youth activitation projects. The squatters started immideatly fixing the place up. They decided that the squat should not go official the first days, because there were lots of practical problems to solve before they could be ready to face a confrontation with the authoroties.

One week later the squat was discovered by the police and the people staying inside the house were removed. Anyway... four hours later the house was re-squatted and with more people and better barricades. And now its official. The city border didn`t really like the idea of an autonomus youth house, so the house is still in danger of police attacks. In the mean time the number of people supporting the squat is increasing and there are over a hundred people using the house and fixing it up!

So, if you are planning a trip to Norway, please come and visit us in Innherredsveien 2D!

Squat and live!

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