Amsterdam (Netherlands): Fight for your right to housing! Stop the squat-ban!

In about one month Queen Beatrix will sign the new law to illegalize squatting in NL. To prevent homelessness we should squat her little apartment at Dam Square in Amsterdam. The Palace is big enough, so if you face eviction, come squatting!

The ban of squatting (kraakverbod) is a consequence of long term lobbying by rich landlords and real estate agents. Their friends in parliament have a majority now, which makes the ban of squatting likely to happen. On December 1st, the first chamber of Dutch parliament will have to decide, if the proposed law is passed on to Beatrix, or if adjustments or required. We attack that day to start our resistance!

Since the 1970ies squatters have taken away vacant properties of rich landlords to tackle the housing shortage. Squatting serves the defense of social housing and the preservation of historical monuments. This way, squatters have blasted the eager plans of real estate agencies to grow richer many times. Throughout the last years it has become evident that the government and the elite are 2 hands of the same paunch. The anti-squat bill is not the only example. It won't take long until social housing benefits are under pressure. Proper research suffers budget cuts, the healthcare-fund is disposed and the maximum working age increases.

This is how the government reveals its real face. It does not take sides with people struggling for housing, tenants, students, needy people or workers but sides with capital. To request social benefits from the government is not like asking your boss for a wage raise. Thus, don't worry about their elections but do it yourself.

Fight for your right to housing! Stop the squat-ban!

Tuesday, 1 December 2009 // 20.oo Dam Square, Amsterdam

Bring torches and crowbars!

Indy NL

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