Community of Basque squatted villages in resistance

Urgent call for solidarity - please forward widely - sorry for cross posting

Comrades !

Here in the Basque country our community has squatted five abandoned medieval villages in ruins. In 1995 we started our projects that head or substistence here in the Pyrenees. We try to produce our own food and break the links to the capitalist economy more and more. Inside our community we try to avoid reproducing patriarcal structures and to live in accordance to nature. We are all libertarian people from European big cities who are fed up with urban alienation and sickness. We are organised in the Pyrenees squatted villages assembly and are mutually helping each other.

This spring two of our villages got orders of eviction. The government of Nafarroa intents to evict us and to destroy the villages, including the houses we rebuilt, by machines in order to avoid new occupations. We expect them to attempt this in June or July, most likely in the first half of July. We are preparing for non-violent resistance.

Come to the Pyrenees and join us ! Land and Freedom !

No dogs please. It helps to speak spanish or basque.

  Contact address in town:

Iruneko Gaztetxea (a squatted youth centre)

Calle San Augustin, 17

E-31001 Pamplona

Nafarroa E.H.

  Postal address:

Artanga, Rala E-31430 Aoiz Nafarroa E.H.



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