Most (Czech Rep.): Squatters' protest in the town of Most

On Sunday 2nd of August 2009, an occupation of empty building in Most (northern czech town) took place: "By this direct action, we want to protest against a violent eviction and destruction of the Milada squat, which happened a month ago, when a security agency protected by police destroyed the space. This action is an inspiration and impulse to create new autonomous centers, open to alternative culture and free self-fulfilment.

We want to draw attention to many social problems that include increasing social differences, useless housing politics, gentrification and estranged relationships among people in cities. We understand squatting as a tool of change, " said the spokesperson Teta Milada (Auntie Milada).

An exhibition of photographs took place as well as the one of many artistic creations. There was a poetry reading and a music gig.

"This is a part of a broader campaign which has been launched after the eviction of Milada. Today event should be a call for more similar actions," one of the squatters claimed.

In the beginning of July, the Milada squatters occupied the former Cibulka space, after the eviction, several support actions took place, documents and photos on Milada were shown in Sin nombre center in Sevilla a week ago and a similar action will take place in Casa de los quince gatos in Granada, in beginning of September.

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