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Welcome to the english version of Bergen Boligaksjonens pages, sorry to say that only the front page is translated so far. But you can always contact us on email: We hope the site enjoy and inspires you. This information with pictures will soon come on

By the way: The squatted house in Jonsvollskvartalet in Bergen Norway is still squatted and people are having a great time. (27.07.03)

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 29.06.03


Its now one month since 8 squatters moved into Jonsvollsgate 8. The Jonsvoll block (5min from the center of Bergen, in the area called Nøstet) have been more -less empty for several years, no one remembers exactly how many years. The whole block is in danger of being thorn down and demolished. The new residents see no reason for that, because the house is in a fairly good shape.

Are you going to Bergen and need a place to stay? Jonsvollsgaten 8 will always be happy for a visit. Send a email to, or just come knock on our door. Directions: When you walk from the center of Bergen, go to "Sentralbadet" (Swimming center), walk past it downwards(at the r. side), take the first possible right turn, walk 15m, go right again just a few meters up the alley. You will se a nice red, yellow and blue-painted door(with a doorbell) to your left.




Stavanger Friteater showed on sunday 8. june two of their sets ”Kjeften” og ”Sjøl” ("the jaw" and "himself") in the squatted house in Jonsvollsgaten 8. Bergen Housing Action had invited neighbours, friends and others to the theatre-play, coffee and vegan waffles. About 40 people used the afternoon to a look-around in the recently squatted house. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------


The Jonsvoll block has been empty long enough: JONSVOLLSGATEN 8 SQUATTED

Bergen Housing Action have squatted Jonsvollsgaten 8 in a protest against the decay in the area of Nøstet. The Block has been empty for so long that no one remember the exact number of years. The house is one of a dozen houses that are empty at Nøstet. The area of Nøstet is getting more and more influenced by cars and parking lots, and at the same time the old classic wooden houses and the old city blocks are still empty, and therefore the houses are getting more and more unrepaired and dilapidationous.



Loanshark of the month for april 2003:

Ann Kathrine Tornås and Sharok Ezazi

Recieves the price "loanshark of the month" for being the seller (Tornås - city council for buisness and city development in Oslo) and buyer (Ezazi - psyciatrist, propertybaron and "owner of resturant") of the Blitz-house in Pilestredet 30 c. If the sale goes trough Oslo will lose its only self-run youthhouse.

more info on



The housing exhibition in Bergen 2003 is now open: A4? - OR SHOULD WE LIVE IN NEW WAYS?

After about a month of intensive constuction work the housing exhibition in Bergen 2003 opens it's doors. What once where three old dirty workmen's huts has now become a functional and alternative recidence for three people. The housing exhibition in Bergen 2003 will put focus to the fact that it is possible to build and live in an alternative and environmental way.



The housing actions own zine is here!:

OKKUPANTEN - a zine for tennants, homeless, squattes and all others having a hard time on the housing-market

After some time the whole zine will be put on the net here, and maybe also translated. But just now some of the texts layes here in norwegian. If you want the zine in paper write (still only in norwegian, bad but true) to and we will send you a free number of the zine. Also write to the same adress to ask questions about the zine and if you want to participate in it or have any text. ("Okkupanten" is norwegian and means "the squatter")

Bergen Housing Action (Bergen Boligaksjon)

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