weetwee squat-art gallery evicted in october!?

next to our place (wETERINGSCHANS 2) city goes to build a bicycle underground garage. City council already rented the place - and after the building of the bicycle garage they will rent the place to Mac Bike -the "bestemingSplan" for next 10 years is: fietsenonderhoud en reparatie. (THEY PAID ALREADY 170 000 FL. TO THE OWNER!) Looks like we have no chance but: WE GO ON: TOMORROW 9. SEPT. 15 P.M. OPENING OF ROBODOCK EXPOSITION IN wEETWEE: ROBOTS, PHOTOS, OBJECTS, HISTORY OF FESTIVAL AND ADM SQUAT, LOGHT, PROJECTIONS, BIER... (STILL OPEN EVERY DAY 1 TILL 6 P.M. AND MORE. SO COME BEFORE WE ARE GONE (PROCESS AT THE COURT SOON - MORE INFO COMES - ALSO ABOUT THE LAST EXPO = 20 TIMES 99 THINGS = 1980 PIECES OF "ANTIART).... 23. SEPT.)



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