Slovenia, ljubljana, eviction of Molotov?

Date: Tue, 23 Jul 2002 07:14:52 -0700 (PDT)

Salud! it's maja here from ljubljana, slovenia. I finally found time to go to internet. I will write this in english, because i don't have time to make croatian versions. it was (and it is still) very tuff situation for us in Avtonomna Cona Molotov, a squat which the owner (Slovenian Railway Company) wanted to illegaly evict. You can find more detail info on

At 11.7. at the morning (5.30) came the private security company G7 with no explanation and papers and tried to kick us out. I came at about 7.30, because I was at the sea in Croatia. First reaction was anger - why I am not allowed to go into our house, why do I have to talk with my friends through the window bars? Fortunately, there were people everywhere - around the house, on the roof and media was presented all the time. The workers were there also with no papers and "no leader". no-one is responsible in this fucking state - every answer you get is the same: "I got the orders from my boss. Ask him. I don't know where he is, I don't have his telephone number, I don't give my name..." they came with excavator and other equipment to destroy the house and the Company's answer was: "we wanted to chech the house to deceide or to destroy it or to repare it". Then, the only person from the Company, who was speaking, said: "nobody is living there, they violently at! tacked the workers, that's why we brought the Security etc." When I read his statment, I was on the roof for all day, my head was boiling and I got very angry. I talked with this person S.Salkic before & told him me and other 14 persons are living there. I got his mobile phone and called him. I told him that the only thing I want is true and he put down the phone. He did this the same to Tine, who later wanted to talk to him an Salkic run away.

I came into the house, because Molotov is one-floor house and a lot of ways to come in. First, we had big inner problems, because we didn't have anything to do all day in the house and people started arguing. Luckilly, we all found out we have to act as collective and stopped with arguing. We were talking to Security guys and some of them were really nice. Theygot an order they are not allowed to let food and water to come into the house, but most of them didn't respect this rules. Some of them even went for water for us. Anyway, we opened the water again the second day. They closed it and put one Security there. We opened it again and next day Security was there and they didn't know we have the water. We don't have eletricity, but somebody lent generator, so we can have concerts and video projections at the evening. Some Security guys are real bastards - molesting girls,attacking guys, acting violently...we will put charges against them (Company G7 and indivi! dual security) on the court together with the charges against Railway Company (human rights violatons, disturbing the living....). We - the inhabitants of Molotov - are very very thankfull to all the people who gave support, especially to those who are 24 hours per day around the house, making stuff on court, filming, formancs, concerts, video projections and other events. We got really good support from media. At the moment, we are allowed to go in and out of Molotov, but just for 15 people who are living there. sometimes it's possible to come in for others, sometimes not. it depents on security.Probably now the things will go on the court, which will take about year and a half to finish. I am affraid they will try to evict us illegaly when the people leave and only inhabitants stay inside. That's why we deceided to find another house if it's possible. The mayor said she already found some houses for us. What we want is Autonomous house, which means that no organization is ! abowe us, we don't need financial support, we want just the house where we can live and make cultural activities. we can pay electricity and water. if we don't get this, we will stay in molotov as much as we can and then squat another house. But I think we will get it, becuase there are som many people and almost all media supporting us, that something has to change. The only problem is, that there are votings soon, so the politicians (like a mayor) are offering us help to save their name. we hope, things won't change after votings.

All this things that are happening are political. it's not a coincidence that this happened after "Say No to NATO" actions and that the asylum was planned to be evicted at the same they (but they also did't make it!!!). One day, a person from Department of the Interior came and got angry, because police never answer our calls when it comes to violence from Security and they always come when Security calls them.The security guys also didn't show their documents. Then the person left and said that police will come to protect us. then he came back after some hours and totally changed his opinion. so, somebody on the top must have said to him to change his mind. also the police had an order they must not to intervene. we still don't have an answer who stands behind this and how are they allowed to act like this. We will not stop until we get these things clear and the law which will protect the squatters. politicians of this country are blindfold - they act as the! thing like squatting does not exsist here.

what we are doing now is fighting against the biggest mafia in Slovenia - a totally fucked up state-owned company, security company, police and state in general. we have a lot of people behind us, because we all waited to the moment to show what is the real face of our state.

In the name of inhabitants I want to say that we feel the victory, no matter who wins, because they cannot destroy our spirit and our weapon - SOLIDARITY!

I have lots of more stories to tell, but for now, I thing its enough!...thank you all....


maja libertad

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